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Clay Fest Facts

Clay Fest is an annual, non-juried, ceramics-only show and sale put on by Local Clay, to provide its
members with a venue to showcase and sell their work. For those who are not yet members of Local Clay, we
have provided information to join at the same time as you apply for Clay Fest. We also offer a mentoring
program. New participants can be paired with more experienced members, who will coach them in preparing
for a booth at Clay Fest.
Clay Fest has developed a loyal following of customers who show up every year to add to existing collections
and to discover new favorites. To make the experience easy for them, Clay Fest has a centralized sales area;
customers are free to wander the show gathering items for a one-stop purchase at the door. Clients enjoy
meeting and talking with the potter-artist. Potters are encouraged to spend time in their booth when not
working for the show, and representatives or agents may not sell in place of a show participant. In addition,
only work produced by the show applicant may be sold in their space. To maintain the integrity of the show, no
work from kits or commercial molds will be accepted.
All show participants do work shifts during the show. Booth participants also do committee work usually before
the show. Committees perform work necessary for the smooth operation of the show, including building
preparation, set-up and take-down of common areas (sales, gallery, kid’s clay), bookkeeping, managing cash
tills, gallery intake, and distributing posters. The Committee Work Form and Work Shift Form are included as
part of this application.
The Gallery is a special feature of Clay Fest, drawing attention and offering alternative options for selling.
Booth holders use it as a vehicle for spotlighting major work or unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Members who are
just launching their careers in clay benefit from it as a first-time selling experience. In addition, any Local Clay
member who does not get a booth space can participate in the Gallery as an alternative. Each show participant
may have one item on display in the Gallery at any one time. Galley–only participants may submit three pieces
during Gallery Check-In; one will be displayed immediately and the other two will be held in storage for re-stock
when the first piece sells. Booth participants will be able to provide re-stock from their booths.

Payment will be made for the booth at booth selection by credit card. Those not present will be invoiced.
Payment must be made within two weeks. All applicants whose payments do not clear will be dropped from the
We are required to send 1099’s to all potters who sell $ 600 or more. Your earnings are reported to the
IRS and the State of Oregon. You must give us your Social Security or EIN number in order to be paid.

• Clay Fest is held in Eugene at the Lane Events Center.
• This year’s show dates are October 13, 14, and15th.

The Booth Assignment Process
Booths are assigned on Tuesday, June 6, 7:15 p.m. at McNail-Riley House, 601 West 13th Ave., Eugene (13th and
Jefferson). Parking is on the south side of 13th, in the Fairgrounds parking lot. Priority for booth assignment is based on
points. Points are earned by serving as a Clay Fest committee chair or a Local Clay board member. You do not need to be present  at booth assignment. Any applicant not present  may delegate selection of his or her space, or default to selection by  the Clay Fest steering committee . We will give you the best space available at your time of picking. Payment by credit card will be made for those attending this meeting. Others  will receive an invoice from Square which allows you to pay online. Payment must be made within 2 weeks. Failure to pay will result in loss of booth.


Payment by credit card is preferred but checks will accepted.

1. Applicants with points and steering committee chair trainees will select their booth spaces first.
2. Applicants with no points will be pooled and names will be drawn at random to fill remaining booths.
3. Applicants not chosen for a booth space will be drawn for placement on the wait-list. (Checks from the first ten people on the
wait-list will be held, the remaining checks will be returned)

Booth Prices are :

$165 for a 10 x 10 full space plus 16% sales commission

$100 for a 10 X 5 half space plus 16% sales commission

Booths include pipe a drape side wall at no extra cost

Gallery only sales require a refundable $25 deposit and 16% sales commission

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