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Committee Work

Most committee work is done PRIOR to the show and during CLOSED hours.


You will be contacted by the committee chair, if you are not contact please contact the show chair, contact information can be found in the Steering Committee page.


ALL Booth Holders are required to do one committee assignment. Gallery-Only participants are are not required to do committee work but are invited to volunteer for a committee.

2024 committee work assignments will be posted on September 1st.

Committee Job Descriptions

Please consider factors such as: age, physical condition, temperament, interests, etc. when selecting committee work. The goal is to have fun not wear yourself out. 


Bookkeeping: Help with bookkeeping throughout the show.  Basic math skills required.  No work shifts during the show.


Building Prep: Prepare building for show (tape spaces on floor, etc.).  Wednesday morning - physical work.


Building Security Patrol: Provide security during show set-up Thursday evening and Friday before the show opens, as well as after the show closes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Will be divided into shifts.)


Cash: Count tills throughout the show (accuracy is a must). No work shifts during the show.


Gallery: Receive gallery work (includes typing) Thursday afternoon and Friday morning OR set up the gallery display on Friday, plus mandatory 15 minutes take-down Sunday, at the end of the show.


Gallery Set-Up: Preparation and set-up of gallery walls, lighting, pedestals, etc. Thursday morning and/or Sunday Evening, after the show closes. (Physically demanding!)


Posters: Distribute and hang posters in designated areas, a few weeks before Clay Fest opens.


Sales: Purchase bags and reams of paper prior to the show.  Help set up sales area Thursday OR tear down Sunday.

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