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Michael McKinney

Grateful Dad Pottery

I am compelled to alter surfaces with textures, lines, shapes, and images. Anything that lets the clay participate in the creative process works for me. I often carve with one drag tool or draw with a calligraphy brush. Carving lets me focus on space while brush designs share gestures found in leaves and flowers. Most pieces originate from the wheel, slabs, or extruded shapes. Project ideas are usually explored through a series of three or more. Eventually, most any project becomes an exercise in problem solving, one mark or brush stroke leading to another until the piece becomes its own. My work is often found in the home, garden, and kitchen. Hopefully, there is a connection to food, flowers or fun. I expect my work to serve a purpose beyond visual beauty, regardless of design. Creative interests continually change, this week irregular extruded forms and the next carving fermenting crocks. Clay is my bridge between the visual and conceptual world. Through pottery I strive to connect us to the earth and our daily experiences. Use my pottery for daily existence and the connection is complete.

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