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Nancy Yturriaga Adams Clay Artist

Pursuing an education in classical literature inadvertently led me to a ceramics class my first year of college but the truth is that I knew I was interested in the art of the making of things from the time I was a child. I always loved nature and all kinds of animals and plants. All I ever wanted to do was to saddle up my horse and ride out into the forest and watch the sky, the colors and have many adventures along the way. Today I still practice a simple, disciplined life balancing riding my horses on the ranch and on into the National Forest with hours in my studio.

People often ask me where do you get your ideas?! I smile to myself for I know well that the Muse comes quietly for those who wait in a disciplined way. Influenced as I am by Greco-Roman and Egyptian mythologies I find the Native American interpretation of life thru totem plants and animals to be the most comfortable. I so enjoy the studio life where the making shifts into a meditation offering relief from everyday cares and worries. I also value the many friendships I’ve made along the way and find that gratitude is essential for a happy, productive life.


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Contact By Email

541-846- 1777 ( land line, no text)

My studio is located on my private ranch in Applegate just off Hwy 238, 30 minutes south of Grants Pass and 30 minutes north of Jacksonville.  The studio is open by appointment; we wear masks and socially distance, limiting us to two people at a time in the shop.


Please call or email to set a time and get directions. My studio number is 541-846-1777.  There is no cell reception at the studio, so please use my hard line to contact or email at nancyyturriaga@gmail.com. Texting is not a good idea!  You may shop my website and of course if you are in the area and arrange for pick up your shipping fees are waived. If you require shipment I double box, insure and use Fedex Home Delivery.

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