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How to tag your pots

Barcode Tags

We are changing to barcode to automate the payment side of the show.

The barcodes should make the accounting much quicker and more accurate. You will be responsible for making sure your tags are easily readable. It may mean a little more work for you but it will save the backroom days worth of work. 


The Tags

Your tags will be printed with your last name and you full first name if space allows. It will also include a small eug or just e to designate Eugene. 

I know people would love to use the same tags across all shows but that probably will never happen. The barcodes we use are generated by Square  so that we can have seamless accounting. We will be able to give you a full  print out of every sale.

You will receive 250 tags. You may order more for 5.00 for each additional 250. The price for additional tags will be deducted from your check.

Applying Tags

Barcode tags should be applied as flat as possible. You can not apply tape over code or put any pen marks on code. Protect the tags in packing so that the code isn't scraped.

To sell a set place the barcode on the first of the set only. Write your last name and the set number on the other pots. (See example)

All pots must be priced in full dollar amounts. 

You may not sell multiples for s discount... no 10 each, 3 for 25.

You cannot include any codes or other identifiers for your pots. We don't want any extra info that could confuse cashiers. Your original tags will not be returned. 


Adding Prices

All prices must be in full dollar amounts...  No cents. We do not make change with coins.


The labels are slightly slick so pens can be hard. A fine line sharpy may be the best choice for writing.

Be sure your writing is completely clear. You WILL be paid the amount that the cashier thinks your tag says. If your 7s look like 4s you may lose money. It is your responsibility to make the cahiers job easy.

If you wish you use price stickers, they must be small enough to not cover the code and also fit on our tags form. You must place the second label on top of the bottom price area so they both come off at the same time,  A big sticker will not work. Try your labels out by removing them. If you have problems, the cashiers will too.

I will be using a price gun to mark my pots. The tag is small enough to fit on the bottom of the tag. This is a really good price gun  for under fifteen dollars on Amazon. Be sure to use one line price guns.

If you have left over name and price Avery stickers that you used in the past, you can cut them in half, discard the name and just use the price part. 

Small Pieces

Our labels are 1 inch square. Small pieces and wall pieces maybe hard to put tags on. Here are some ideas for applying tags:

One way to handle tags on small pieces is buying hang tags with strings. They need to be a minimum 1 x 1 inch.

You can also make your own out of heavy card stock paper. Index cards also work. You can poke holes and use with string or if the item is smaller than 1 x 1 inch you can use heavy duty double side tape and tape your small piece to the card. The tape must be strong enough that the tag will not fall off when the item is carried to the sales table.

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