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Local Clay

Celebrating Clay and Potters

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Local Clay

Local Clay is an independent nonprofit organization of potters from the southern Willamette Valley, the central Oregon coast, Roseburg and vicinity. We are a diverse group, interested in many facets of ceramics and at varying levels of ability. We have serious amateurs and professionals, potters and educators; people working in functional ware, art pieces, sculpture, jewelry, tile. We fire all types of kilns : gas, electric, raku, wood, pitfire. Local Clay meets bi-monthly to share information, participate in mini-workshops and plan community events and projects. Our activities include educational outreach, workshops, a hunger relief project, and a major clay-only show and sale.

It started with a picnic ...

The Oregon Potters Association (OPA) sponsored a potluck for its Eugene members. The people present enjoyed themselves so much that they decided to keep meeting and form a local club, perhaps a chapter of the OPA.

As the meetings continued, the network grew, and the dreams got bigger ... workshops, a show like the OPA's Ceramic Showcase. Eventually these dreams became reality.

Clay In Education

Sharing our love

Through Clay in Education, we strive to convey the love of clay to students of all ages. Local Clay sponsors our artists as they go out into the community, teaching clay through demonstrations, workshops and projects in schools and other venues. Potters can also provide workshops for teachers, so that they are better able to teach clay in their classrooms. 

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2023 Members Gallery

Ceramics come in all forms and functions. Click below to see all the wonderful pieces are potters have created

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