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Booth Information

Your booth is your own gallery.  Making it inviting and welcoming is important. Below you find ways to display your work at it's best.

Our booths come in two sizes... Full booths are 10 x 10 feet.

Our half booths are 10 feet wide and 5 feet deep.



Your booth will be an empty space with 8 foot high pipe ad drape walls. There will be a pipe across the top front that you can use to attach lights.  For an extra $7 you can get a light bar that goes from the front to the back down the middle. You can see examples of that in some of these photos. 

You may choose white or black drapes. There will be a electrical outlet in your booth that you can plug into.

​You are responsible for your own booth display, lighting and any floor covering. 

8’ x 2.5’ tables ($10) and chairs ($1.30) can be rented.
​You can not hang your display or attach your display parts to the drapes. That includes pinning anything to them. The cost of replacing a damaged drape is $50. Large S hooks can be used to hang a sign.


​Your booth can not intrude into your neighbors space or the aisle.

You can not use duct tape or rug tape to secure rugs. You may only use gaffer tape. Gaffer tape is a removable tape that is available on Amazon.

Booth Lighting Ideas

Our show is held in one of the historic buildings at the Lane County Fair Grounds. It has a beautiful barrel vaulted wood ceiling. Unfortunately, the lighting is not great. You really need to bring extra lights or you work will not show well. 

There are many ways to light your booth. You can buy clip on lights and spot lights at any hardware store. These can be clipped on to the front curtain bar or displays.

Track lighting works extremely well. You can aim the light to get the look you want. You can buy track lights at all the big builders businesses.You can rent from us a bar to attach light tracks down center of booth. 

Warm lights give a softer, less glaring light than bright white lights.

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