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Local Clay / Clay Fest Online

Local Clay is an independent nonprofit organization of potters from the southern Willamette Valley, the central Oregon coast, Roseburg and vicinity.

Clay Fest is one of Oregon's finest art and craft shows featuring an array of ceramic art and handmade pottery. 

We were forced to cancel the 2020 show for reasons we all know. In order to support our pottery community we put together Clay Fest Online. We are keeping it up throughout 2021 so that we can share with you beautiful and local pottery for your homes and gifts. 

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Local Clay yearly fee is 20.00.  If you paid in 2020 your membership has been extended through 2021. You must be a member to be on the web site. (Open to potters of any level of experience from Oregon and SW Washington.)

Clay Fest Online fee is 10.00.  Your fees help us cover the cost of a year's web hosting and advertising. We will send out weekly email updates to our followers and promote the site on social media. We will promote your studio/ pop up shows. We also plan to add a potter's spotlight featuring a different potter every week on our email and social media sites.

We need to collect your information to get you on the web site. Please click the box below and fill in the information in the survey.  There is some new information this year so it would be a good idea to do it again.

Email your photos to the link below. One photo minimum and up to 10. You can also send short videos.  If you're on the website already we'd love to get new photos.

The photos don't need to high resolution (photos taken with a good phone are fine).  Click link below or send to -


Not sure about your membership status? Just ask. Click below link or send to - info@clayfest.org 

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