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Nicole Marie Hummel

Pottery by Nicole Marie Hummel

My pottery is an offering to the fire and a vessel to enhance daily rituals. In my forms, I seek elegant silhouettes, balanced weight, and dependable functionality. In my surfaces, I aim to bring out pattern, texture, and chaos. My journey with clay has led me to develop two distinct bodies of work to strike an equilibrium between a love of the unpredictable and a desire for reliability. One body of work is fired for atmosphere in a wood fire kiln, requiring intensive labor and attention over the course of a week alongside a community of potters. Another body of work is fired in a gas kiln to cone 10 reduction, enabling consistency and reliability of results for production ware. Each individual pot is simultaneously intended for use and contemplation, so that an everyday occurrence such as an afternoon tea or a meal shared with family is enriched by the vessels used. Here, my work finds its ultimate purpose, inviting the mundane to become ritual, and the moment to become sacred.

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