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Rebecca Arthur

Rebecca Arthur is a ceramics artist in Corvallis, Oregon. She has degrees in art and engineering. While pursuing her art degree, she had the opportunity to explore many media including ceramics and painting. She was fascinated by the abstract realism of Georgia O’Keeffe and incorporated O'Keeffe's motto "Simplify, Eliminate, Emphasize" into her own work. A majority of Rebecca’s ceramic work features Traditional Western Raku, Pit Firing, Horsehair, Obvara and other low-fire techniques where she is able to embrace the randomness and immediacy of a fast, lower temperature firing. Of the process she says “using these methods, the vessels become the canvases upon which I paint with fire, producing unpredictable, almost surreal results.” Recently, the swirling images of cosmic play as seen in optical space telescope photos have fascinated Rebecca. She is exploring this cosmic play to create abstract, boldly textured vessels that accentuate the movement of light reflecting from the textured edges and give a feeling of the colors, swirling patterns and depth of the universe; of the silence of space.


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