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Shelly Fredenberg

Shelly Fredenberg Studio

Most of my early creative memories include cans of play dough, scraps of fabric and the discarded paper inserts from my dad’s new Western dress shirts. I grew up in Montana, one of sixteen children in a working class family. My parents provided us with everything that we needed and even some of what we wanted. I spent my young life making a lot of ‘something’ out of little or nothing. I attended Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. My time in college was heavily weighted with science classes and a broad spectrum of courses in both two and three-dimensional art. In 1995 I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Printmaking. Curiously, I have never made a print since. Ultimately, my work is about form, line, and texture. My creative process is simple, intuitive and organic. I begin with a loose idea (rarely more than a word or a thought) and let the clay do most of the leading. Each piece I make is formed by hand, one at a time. I often work in multiples, learning and improving as I go until all or part of the process becomes a fluent part of my sculptural language.

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PO Box 50284, Eugene OR 97405

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