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Tracie Mei-Lin Manso

Tracie Manso Pottery Creations

Tracie has been working professionally as a pottery for the last 30 years. Yet, her love of pottery began more than 50 years ago in Brazil while she was still middle school. Her background as an artist is eclectic and unique, in part because of her diverse ethnic heritage and cultural influences. African-American and Chickasaw on her father’s side, Dutch and English on her mother’s, her parents immigrated to Brazil in 1958, where she grew from age two into a young adult, before returning to the United States in 1980. After attending college in Chicago, she moved to San Diego, and then to Eugene with her young son in 1989. She currently lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband. She derives much inspiration from Mother Earth and her natural world of beauty, colors, shapes, patterns and raw materials. She loves exploring form and function, and all aspects of the versatile medium that is clay. Her work is characterized by its functionality and the durable qualities of high-fire stoneware, combined with an aesthetic pursuit of grace and beauty through unique decorative patterns using slips and wax-resist techniques in a variety of ways. She truly enjoys making functional table and house wares, which complement her interests in culinary and gardening. Her most favorite quote is from the Sufi poet Rumi: “Let the beauty we are be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”


Etsy Online Store

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Contact By Email

"Dear Customer:  For free local pick up of your purchase made at my Etsy Online Store, you may use the coupon code EUGENE at checkout.  By using this coupon you won't be charged for shipping.  This offer applies only to Eugene/Springfield and vicinities residents.  Once purchase is made, call (541)342-8213 or, email me at tracie.manso@gmail.com, to schedule a pick-up time and get directions." 

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