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Work Shifts

We are a self-organized and managed show. It is critical to a smooth running event that each participant fulfill their assigned commitments in a timely and professional manner. ALL Booth participants are required to work two 3-hour work shifts.


Shift changes will be announced; however, it is up to you to be on time. Reporting on time means signing in and arriving five minutes before the start of your shift.

  • Check in and initial by your name on the master work shift list located at the Info Table before you begin your work shift.

  • An additional 5% commission is assessed for each late or missed work shift, without exception.


Prior to the Show, look over the work shift schedule below to see that you are listed for the correct number of work shifts and that your shifts do not conflict.

  • Check the Final Work Shift Assignment pages (at the Info Table) when you come to set up your booth. There may have been changes.

  • Work assignments will be explained by the Chair or the person you are relieving. You are responsible for knowing the duties of your work shift assignment, so ask for a full description of your duties at the time you begin work.

2024 work shift assignments will be posted on September 1st.

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