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Amy Renee Hepner-Hess

Clay Mason Studio

Clay Mason Studio is rooted in creative innovation and preservation of craft. The studio forms clay into functional pottery that holds a mountain-inspired, Bohemian flair and captures a wide range of pottery users’ hands and eyes. Pottery pieces are wheel-thrown and glaze-fired to 2,262 degrees Fahrenheit. Clay Mason Studio makes practical tableware and clever kitchen accoutrements for day-to-day use, expands into custom pottery for all occasions, and also experience-inspired series. Trail Mug Series is influenced by the potter’s love for the wilderness and long-distance hiking. Clay Mason Studio was built in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The clay is brought to life by the once migratory, newly stationary Amy Hepner–Hess in the Historic Washburne of Springfield, Oregon. Amy attached her identity to being a potter at 8 and has continuously followed the field of pottery ever since.

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