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Dave Parry

Whistlepost Pottery

"Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, England, an area known as 'The Potteries' due to spawning Royal Doulton, Wedgewood and many others, David moved to Bristol to attend the University of the West of England. After graduating in 1997 with a BA in Ceramics he established his own studio and sold his work in markets and galleries across the southwest of England.

In 2000 David met Melissa, now his wife, and they set up a home together in Bristol and adopted far too many dogs. Feeling curious about the world outside his studio David retrained as an Arborist in 2004 and wound down his pottery. Needing even more excitement than swinging in trees with a chainsaw David and Melissa moved to America and settled in Oregon, where Melissa had grown up. More circumstance than design they ended up in Eugene and found a region where trees and pottery were plentiful. The abundance of natural inspiration and creative outlets rekindled the urge to work with clay and Whistle Post Pottery was born in 2009. 


In 2018 more adventure called and Whistle Post Pottery moved to the rural wilds of Olalla in Douglas County, Oregon. Currently David makes pots in a yurt and dodges an ever-increasing  goat herd as he tries to load his kilns."

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