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Faith Rahill pottery

I first discovered pottery in high school at George School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I was immediately drawn to it. In 1973 upon graduation from the University of Oregon, where I went to study pottery, I began my career as a studio potter. Since the beginning, I have been focused on pursuing and perfecting techniques for creating design and pattern using colored clays. "Nerikomi" and "millefiore" are two terms used to describe the work I do. All of my work is stoneware and most of it is fired in a gas kiln. I love making pots and my wish is that people will use and enjoy my pottery in their daily lives.


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Video of Faith on Oregon Art Beat

I am in Eugene. You can come to my house by appointment –- please phone or email. I put pots outside on a table and we make the sale outside socially distanced with masks. It has worked quite well during this covid time. I can also ship. I have a lot more pots than are on my website. I can email more photos to narrow down what you are interested in.

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