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Gallery and Awards

Gallery pieces must be delivered to the Gallery Check-In on Thursday before the show from 3 - 6 pm, or Friday from 9 - 11:00 am.  In your piece is extra large, it must be delivered Friday between 10 - 11 am.  If you cannot deliver your piece(s) between those hours, contact the Gallery Display Chair.   

When you drop off your Gallery piece(s) you will fill in a form from which we will make your Gallery display sign.  Booth exhibitors are encouraged to have one high-end or favorite piece (which may be a grouping) in the Gallery. If your piece sells, you will be informed so that you can replace it with another piece. Deliver re-stock pieces to the Gallery Host. 

  • You may tape a sketch or photograph to your piece, explaining how you want your work displayed.

  • If your piece requires special attention because of size or fragility, you must contact the Gallery Display Chair to make arrangements.

  • Anyone who needs electricity for their Gallery piece must make arrangements with the Gallery Display Chair.

  • Wall pieces must weigh less than 25 pounds and be ready to hang on a nail or hook.

  • Stands for plates and bowls are appreciated.  Put your name on the stand, and indicate whether the stand goes with the piece, or is not for sale.

  • Clay Fest ends Sunday at 5 PM. Gallery work MUST be picked up at 5 PM.  The Gallery will be broken down immediately at the end of the show. We cannot store any pieces that are left in the Gallery. If you cannot retrieve your work, you must make arrangements for someone else to pick it up. Clay Fest is not responsible for work that is left in the Gallery after the show is over.

  • Clay Fest’s breakage policy applies to all pieces in the Gallery.

Gallery-Only Participants

Gallery-Only participants are required to work one 3-hour shift. 

  • Gallery Host duties include hosting the gallery and the nearby Clay In Education display. This includes greeting patrons, informing them of our program.

  • A missed work shift for Gallery-Only participants may affect eligibility for next year’s Clay Fest. A limited area is available to Gallery-Only participants for storage of up to two re-stock pieces at a time. Ask about this at the Gallery Check-in Table. If you have a booth person storing more pieces for you, let the Gallery Display Chair know who that person is. 


We often need extra help, so please consider offering to take on another work shift.  Contact the work shift Chair prior to the show to sign up for extra shift(s). If you have any questions about the duties associated with your work shift assignments please contact your Chair. Our goal is to have everyone contribute in a manner that suites their interests and abilities.

All participants in Clay Fest are encouraged to vote for Best In Show, 2nd and 3rd gallery pieces between 2-4 pm on Friday.  Ballots from your Info Packet must be returned to the ballot box by 4 pm. Winners will be announced at 7 pm in the Demo area. 


People’s Choice voting takes places from Friday opening until 11 pm Saturday and the award will be announced at Saturday noon in the Demo area. 

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