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November 1, 2022 Clay Fest

November 1, 2022  Clay Fest Wrap-Up meeting

Chairs present: Karen Washburn, Debbie Christensen, Robin Sanchaz, Ziggy Blum, Nina Fernstrom-

Duong, Chris Polich, Annie Heron, Dawn Craig, Faith Rahill, Frank Gosar, Tracy Manso, Merry Newcomer,

Laura Wikane

Laura Wikane subbed as Secretary

Chairs approved minutes from last meeting after some corrections 

Chair Feedback:

Treasurer’s Report (Robin): Sales were good, less than 2019 but we had around 10 less booths.  It

appears people were honest with giving %.  Awesome!!! Robin said she thinks In Booth Sales saved us

money, we also saved money by not doing the city street banner-  

Sales Totals:  2019: $105,732 2022: $100,162

Graphic chair (Frank): print less large posters and less maps for the show

Holding Area (Tracie):  Some people did use the service- and we needed more boxes most potters didn’t

bring any

Postering Chair (Annie): Needed more committee people – 

General Feedback and Discussion:

-The demos were missed!!  Many chairs noted they missed the demos and heard customers say they

missed them too

-Kids Clay Treasure Hunt was great- maybe have something if kid completes it?

-Mixed feelings regarding the need for a greeter and holding area if we do in-booth sales

-Everyone needs to do work shifts if we do in-booth sales- not just chairs- 

-Need to survey all Clay Fest participants from this year and maybe 2019??- Do you want central sales or

in-booth sales – are you willing to do a work shift to ensure that we have a gallery, demonstrations, info

booth, etc with in-booth sales- will you do the show either way?? 

Informal poll of chairs present on central sales vs. in-booth sales

central sales-5 in-booth sales-4 undecided-3

*those in favor of in-booth sales still want work shifts for gallery host, demo, info, greeter

Some discussion on pros and cons of in-booth sales – how to help out of town potters do a work shift or

get a booth sitter, maybe have demo’s outside, gallery host should do gallery sales, maybe greeter-info

could be one person

CHAIRS NEEDED- Show Bookkeeper, Publicity 

BOOKKEEPER Chair- We can not have Central Sales without this chair!!!!!!

Chairs that are up for trainee----Sales Tags, Webmaster, Postering, Sales Area, Registrar, Show

Furnishings, Graphics, Bookkeeping

Next meeting January 3, 2023, at 6:30

Ziggy is planning a Local Clay Board meeting for late January 2023

Motion to adjourn 

Dawn- 1 st


2022-11-1 CFSC Minutes
Download DOCX • 27KB

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